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Fundamental points to establish

Fire doorsets and screens in the common areas needed to assessed :

  • How old are they?  When were they replaced (if only on an ad hoc basis)? 

  • Once renovated with intumescent seals and new door closers, how effective would this be?

  • Would the screens perform for the required amount of time needed for single staircase blocks?

  • Given the current living environment, which invited anti-social behaviour, how long before renovated doors would be subject to   vandalism which would further compound the problems of the living environment

  • What time frame are we working to? 

  • Are we incurring on-going disproportionate levels of maintenance and how can we measure this?

  • What costs do we incur during assessment of existing doors to be amended or have items added to them in terms of intumescentseals?

  • What do we need to do to prevent the seepage of smoke and how do we know if repairs or upgrades will work?

  • How do we weight these questions in the context of our consideration of who is at risk?

  • Fire stopping in compartmented areas

  • Smoke ventilation in communal areas