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CPD Seminar Feedback Form

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We would be very grateful if you could complete the CPD Seminar feedback form which would just take 2 minutes of your time. This valued information will help us improve our seminars and conferences in future events.

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When is a Door not a Door...? What specifiers & buyers need to know

Where: Various Locations - Contact Gerda for further details

The scope of the NEW CPD Accredited Seminar is to provide an overview of the latest legislation and regulatory requirements for doors in housing. It examines standards-based performance with a focus on fire, thermal insulation and latest addition to building regulations: Approved Document Q, Security for dwellings. The seminar provides a greater awareness of what affects specification in existing as well as new build and how to achieve compliance.

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  • Building regulations and standards affecting doorsets and how CE marking of doorsets applies.
  • What to look for in terms of test data & certification, and the Declaration of Performance in order to meet legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • A closer focus on:
  1. Approved Document L - Conservations of fuel & power
  2. Approved Document B - Fire safety
  3. Approved Document Q - Security in dwellings and the latest NEW building regulations in force October 2015
  • The external environment and how this affects specification.
  • Achieving cost savings & compliance through correct specification.

Accredited Seminar Certificate Number A000465



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Specify FD60(S) and FD30(S) Fire Doorsets correctly — Don’t let compromise lead to criminalisation

Where: Gerda Conference Centre

“Thank you for an interesting presentation.  I was impressed with the effort you have made in formulating a product which meets the real needs of the often harsh environment fire doors have to endure.”

 Independent Fire Consultant



Legislation and Guidance • Why are correctly specified doorsets important? • What is a complete  FD30S/FD60 S doorset? • Approved standards & testing •  Are vandals compromising your safety and making a criminal of you? • Design considerations

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Your Business Survival — Failing to plan is planning to Fail

Where: Gerda Conference Centre

“The Premises Information Box System provides a recognised focal point.  It provides an advance in fire safety management and security to fire crews attending incidents and it also has the potential to assist with business resilience.”

Allister Smith,  Property Risk Manager, Aviva


This presentation outlines threats to the survival of an organisation in the event of a fire/incident; an insight as to how the Fire Service operate given such an event and how the Premises Information Box/Plans Box assists.  It encompasses Fire Safety Law, the RRO and importantly guidelines as to what should go into the Premises Information/Plans Box. 

The availability of premises information and plans is important at the point of delivery – ie at the given building.  Having clear information in a format ideal to operational crews assists in decision-making and enables specific hazards and organisational assets to be identified on the information.  Effective access to  information is crucial. 

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Fire Safety in High Rise Residential Buildings

Where: Gerda Conference Centre

‘An excellent seminar - extremely valuable to organisations similar to ours with high rise or multi-occupancy blocks’  

Sally Whittacker, Health & Safety Manager, Poplar Harca


"This was an excellent seminar - extremely useful, with a comprehensive selection of handouts and practical advice. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who needs to be aware of the current issues relating to fire safety in high rise buildings.’          

Ruth Burton, Regeneration Manager, Metropolitan Housing Partnership 


Aimed at  Board Members, Directors and Senior Managers to assist  in understanding  the dynamics of fire and fire safety in high and medium rise dwellings. 

The presentation is set in context against the  published: ‘ Report to the Secretary of State by the Chief Fire and Rescue Adviser, on the emerging issues arising from the fatal fire at Lakanal House, Camberwell on 3rd July 2009.’   and outlines the legal and technical regimes governing  these types of  dwellings. 

Summary of content as follows:

Fire Safety Law • The role of a Responsible Person  •  RR(FS)O Enforcement • Technical Standards for fire safety • CP3  •  BS5588  • Building Regulations •  Material Alteration • High Rise Safety Model  •  Assumptions • Means of Escape • External Fire Spread

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"An excellent seminar - extremely valuable to organisations similar to ours with high rise or multi-occupancy blocks "

"Anyone looking for a qualified professional to carry out a fire risk assessment faces a potentially bewildering choice. The Gerda fire risk assessment workshop will help you to make the right choice. "