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Gerda is totally committed to environmental responsibility. We provide products and services that offer benefits to the environment, from the sourcing of sustainable materials to innovative product design and through every day practice.

We source our timber from Forest Stewardship Council certified sources and work closely with approved suppliers to ensure they understand and partner us in this commitment.

Our latest fleet of vehicles is the environmental award-winning Citroen range, providing some of the greenest and cleanest vehicles available in the UK with low CO2 emissions and exceptional fuel efficiency.

Gerda’s innovative design of products assists in reducing the carbon footprint. The G2000® ABC locks have in-built lock changes while the Premises Information Box™ (PIB)® system’s very function is to assist in the preservation of buildings.

Doors replaced by the communal and residential doorset ranges are recycled. Gerda’s commitment to further improving this process is through biomass and biodegradability. Here, replaced doors are reformed into heat bricks using a specialised process. These bricks are then used to heat the manufacturing facilities.