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Communal Fire Doors/Doorsets

“Fire doorsets are fundamental in a building’s compartmentation, for means of escape and in enabling the Fire & Rescue Service to carry out their duties.”

The FDS Complete™ communal internal fire doorset range for compartmented areas including lobbies, stairwells and corridors.

The FDS Complete™ range of communal fire doorsets is designed, extensively tested in specific full scale tests to British and European standards at UKAS accredited test houses and manufactured in accordance with ISO9001. The range carried third party certification through the notified body BM Trada.

Internal fire door sets have an important function to:

  • Protect escape routes from the effects of fire so occupants can reach means of escape

  • Enable the Fire & Rescue Service to carry out their operational duties within compartmented areas

  • Protect the contents and structure of the building by limiting the spread of fire 

"Doors in fire-separating elements are one of the most important features of a fire protection strategy and it is important to select a fire door that is suitable for its intended purpose.” BS9999:2008

Find out more about compartmentation

Significantly the quality of the installation and maintenance of fire doorsets can affect their performance. The importance of correctly functioning fire doorsets is highlighted in legislation and guidance:

“Any facilities, equipment and devices provided in respect of the premises for the use by or protection of firefighters….are maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair.” 38(1) Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Gerda provide a complete fire door maintenance service to ensure that your internal fire doors continue to operate as they should. Regular maintenance and service of your fire doors is an essential due to the punishing wear and tear that they are subject to.

To ensure the correct operation and longevity of a Gerda Fire Door it is necessary that it is fitted by Gerda trained and approved installers. Find out more about installation and the Gerda Maintenance scheme.


“Fire doorsets are fundamental in a building’s compartmentation, for means of escape and in enabling the Fire & Rescue Service to carry out their duties.”







"Gerda’s range of fire doorsets has allowed us to meet our fire safety responsibilities with peace of mind. The doorsets are engineered to meet the harsh environment which fire doors have to endure. Gerda’s leading-edge design features help us to meet our on-going maintenance responsibilities, which are an important requirement under the RR(FS)O and furthermore reduce our maintenance costs."

"The quality of the product is extremely high, which is the reason we specified it. We wanted to ensure that our communal doors in multi storey blocks of flats were both robust and secure from fire. We have now refurbished 8 blocks of flats using the product and have very positive feedback, both from residents and staff. Bryan Simpson - Together Housing Group "